In Search of Now-Time: Live-editing as a mode of research (last edited: 2023)

Joen Vedel
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My presentation will take its starting point in a recent series of live TV programs that I created for the local TV station, Offener Kanal Kassel, as part of my contribution to Documenta 15. By live-editing historical materials from the official Documenta archive (from 1955 up until 2017) with material shot over the period of Documenta 15 – as well as live-streaming cameras filming from different places in Kassel during the live broadcast – these five TV programs attempted to capture the mega-event of Documenta 15, while it unfolded. In close collaboration with different local media-activist groups, as well as Kassel-based musicians, I wanted to use the TV medium as a platform and a meeting place between different forms of aesthetics, voices, temporalities, and historical layers seemingly unconnected by linear time. As the TV programs were created live and without any plot nor manuscript, glitches and moments of discontinuity constantly occurred. However, it was my hope that through these ‘interruptions’ in the live-editing, as well as the re- and live-editing of my materials, a new constellation against an even flow of time might occur, thus opening up for another sensibility to the past and the present.
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