Stitches and Sutures. Textile Metaphors and Graphic Topologies as Methodological Artistic Tools (2023)

Barbara Graf

About this exposition

Barbara Graf (Center Research Focus, PhD candidate PhD in Art) takes Jacques Lacan’s notions of the ‘upholstery button’ and the ‘suture’ as starting points to explore textile metaphors as methodological tools for her artistic practice, informed by her own bodily sensory experiences and experience of paresthesia as a person affected by MS. Graf’s contribution "Stitches and Sutures" searches for images of the invisible and explores how deeply subjective experiences can be made accessible and adequately expressed.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsjacques lacan, artistic research, Textile art, artistic practice, autoimmunity, subjectivity, philosophy
last modified20/03/2023
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copyrightBarbara Graf
licenseAll rights reserved
languageBritish English
published inUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna
portal issue01. reposition Journal of reflective Positions in Art and Research

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