Sound as a Mediatized Production of Space (last edited: 2024)

Gerriet K. Sharma, Lorenz Schwarz

About this exposition

Sound as a Mediatized Production of Space — Studies, Research, and Strategies in X-Realities. The course explores forms, architectures, conditions, modes, and transfers of acoustic perception in medial spaces by focusing on the developments in the production of spaces and perceptual worlds through innovation in art, design, and VR technologies.
typeresearch exposition
last modified05/06/2024
statusin progress
share statuspublic
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
1910830 HfG_22 - SD 480p gksh Public domain
1911627 Spatial Listening gksh Public domain
1911645 IMG_3670 gksh Public domain
1911647 IMG_3673 gksh Public domain
1911648 IMG_3674 gksh Public domain
1911649 IMG_3672 gksh Public domain
1911687 DSC01612 gksh Public domain
1911827 IMG_BCE42E65E148-1 gksh Public domain
1911857 Atmoky_screenshot01 gksh Public domain
1917535 DSC00608_3 gksh Public domain
1917551 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-23 um 15.50.30 Atmoky Public domain
1917554 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-23 um 15.50.48 Atmoky Public domain
1917556 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-23 um 15.51.23 Atmoky Public domain
1917557 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-23 um 15.51.56 Atmoky Public domain
1917558 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-23 um 15.52.12 Atmoky Public domain
1917559 Bildschirmfoto 2022-11-27 um 14.27.28 Atmoky Public domain
1933348 Supermarkt noway Public domain
1934642 Bildschirmfoto 2023-01-19 um 18.15.55 noway Public domain
1943425 BRAZIL gksh Public domain
1943426 a7a5bdecb77f7e56279f792eadb68c22 noway Public domain
2040345 hfg_logo_dt_ HfG_Karlsruhe CC BY-NC-ND
2041380 hfg_logo_dt HfG Public domain
2071826 IMG_3672 gksh Public domain
2071841 IMG_3675 gksh Public domain
2071915 HfG_ListeningtoSoundasSpace - SD 480p gksh Public domain
2071934 HfG_ListeningtoSoundasSpace - SD 480p gksh Public domain
2071997 HfG_listeningtosoundasspace02 - SD 480p gksh Public domain
2097049 TinaOhr1 Tina Public domain
2097053 WenOhrL Wen Public domain
2097058 WenOhrR Wen Public domain
2097173 RuiOhrLi Rui Public domain
2097178 RuiOhrR Rui Public domain
2097181 ÉvaCsonkaOhrLi Eva Public domain
2097214 EvaOhrR Eva Public domain
2097279 EvaOhrL Eva Public domain
2100754 YunfeiOhrL Yunfei Public domain
2100759 YunfeiOhrR Yunfei Public domain
2100762 YunfeiOhrR Yunfei Public domain
2100764 YudongOhrL Yudong Public domain
2100766 YudongOhrR Yudong Public domain
2101496 01'Fountain' by Marcel Duchamp Marcel Public domain
2101525 02The Weather Project - [BroadbandTV] Olafur Public domain
2101548 03Dream House LaMonte Public domain
2101560 04Sound Box Robert Public domain
2101572 05 Robin Minard Portrait Netzwerk Neue Musik Berlin Robin Public domain
2101579 06Installing Random Access - Nam June Paik Global Visionary - Nam June Public domain
2101593 07Ice Bellows - Installation art by Nikki Pike Nikki Public domain
2101597 08PETER VOGEL Klangskulptur 1 Peter Public domain
2101602 09Max Neuhaus' Times Square Max Public domain
2101610 10Intersection - sound installation by Don Ritter Don Public domain
2101613 11Zimoun «Sculpting Sound» Solo Exhibition Ringling Museum of Zimoun Public domain
2101620 12Electrical Walks - Christina Kubisch deutsch Christina Public domain
2101626 12LeitnerSPIRAL-RAUM 19732008 Bernhard Public domain
2101631 12Storm Room Janet&George Public domain
2101639 13Harmonic Bridge by Bill Fontana Bill Public domain
2101644 14Music for pieces of wood - Steve Reich Steve Public domain
2101647 15Pendulum Music Steve Reich 1968 Steve Public domain
2101652 16John Cage - Water Walk John Public domain
2101667 17John Cage's 4'33 John Public domain
2101682 The Futurist Intonarumori by Russolo - 1 Luigi Public domain
2104206 12Electrical Walks - Christina Kubisch deutsch Christina Public domain
2111502 hfg_logo_dt_inv HfG Karlsruhe Public domain
2111516 hfg_logo_dt_grey_light HfG Karlsruhe Public domain
2145438 B4-Stereo-Binaural gksh/aknhi Public domain
2323590 muzak_loop all All rights reserved
2323625 gksh_HfG - 1080 gksh All rights reserved
2323705 IMG_4613 2 gksh All rights reserved
2323706 IMG_4783 gksh All rights reserved
2323707 IMG_4698 gksh All rights reserved
2324248 IMG_4403 gksh All rights reserved
2324301 IMG_4408 gksh All rights reserved
2324302 IMG_4644 gksh All rights reserved
2324316 IMG_4613 2 gksh All rights reserved
2324317 IMG_4697 gksh All rights reserved
2324318 IMG_4781 gksh All rights reserved
2324319 IMG_4701 gksh All rights reserved
2324326 IMG_4605 gksh All rights reserved
2324332 hat02 gksh All rights reserved
2324337 hat05 gksh All rights reserved
2325134 IMG_0628 gksh All rights reserved
2325250 IMG_3895 gksh All rights reserved
2325854 Odio_Announce03 - SD 480p gksh All rights reserved
2339952 KONG Rui Zhang All rights reserved
2339957 The Eastern Gate Daniel Lythgoe All rights reserved
2339963 Untitled Eva Csonka All rights reserved
2339974 fedor_HfM_bin Fedor Pilski All rights reserved
2339981 number 27 Fedor Pilskin All rights reserved
2339990 A Factor of Evolution Tina Jander All rights reserved
2339995 Rain Aaron Wagner All rights reserved
2340000 winds Ilja Morgenstern All rights reserved
2346390 DSC_0009 gksh All rights reserved

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