Diamond Marimba as a Creative Tool (last edited: 2023)

Arend Jan Hendrik Strootman

About this exposition

Since a couple of years I teach music theory lessons for the sonologists at the Conservatoire in The Hague. Amongst others I'm explaining overtones and their use in Just Intonation in these lessons. A topic that is, albeit from a different perspective, also part of the second year curriculum for the composition department. When the ratios, lattices, otonalities/ utonalities, harmonics/subharmonics, calculations in cents and hertz go into depth and become more complex, the connection with the sounding result can get lost easily. As part of the lectorate in 2022/2023 I wanted to investigate in how far the diamond marimba can be a valuable asset in addressing the potential of Just Intonation via a physical manifestation. Due to its construction the instrument reflects limits and lattices and much that needs to be known for an understanding of ratios - can this instrument be(come) a tool to be able to train the sonic imagination in Just Intonation and microtonality? In this exposition the preparations, building, try-outs, implementation in the classes and reflection can be found.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsKonCon Lectorate, harmonics, just intonation, tuning, instrument design, Harry Partch
last modified12/09/2023
statusin progress
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copyrightAart Strootman
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
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1911481 Format call for proposals lectorate 2022 Aart Strootman CC BY-NC-ND
1911568 Revision Questions Aart Strootman Public domain
1911744 Marimba Aart Strootman Public domain
1911748 Tubes Aart Strootman Public domain
1911750 Tubular Bells Aart Strootman Public domain
1911754 Trial rehearsal Tubular Bells Aart Strootman Public domain
1911862 Ripples 1 Aart Strootman Public domain
1911865 Ripples 1 Deuss Music The Hague 2022 All rights reserved
1911873 Kapje Deuss Music The Hague All rights reserved
1911876 Handschoen Deuss The Hague All rights reserved
1915537 IMG_6282~photo Aart Strootman Public domain
1915543 Spring-Festival-banner Koninklijk Conservatorium Public domain
1915825 Lectorate presentation 2022:2023 pdf Aart Strootman Public domain
1915835 Onderzoek KonCon Aart Strootman Public domain
1915868 Adapted guitar 2 Aart Strootman Public domain
1915870 IMG_9862 Aart Strootman Public domain
1915873 Adapted Guitar Aart Strootman CC BY-NC
1918774 DiamondMarimba_SerainaFässler Seraina Fässler Public domain
1918776 DiamondMarimbaText Iz Bading All rights reserved
1918778 TEXT Lectorate Den Haag reflection Aart Strootman All rights reserved
1918781 Trajectories for Diamond Marimba Aart Strootman / Deuss Den Haag All rights reserved
1918788 Trajectories for Diamond Marimba Aart Strootman / Deuss Music The Hague All rights reserved

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