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Zoe Panagiota (aka Betty) Nigianni
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About this exposition

The exposition outlines artistic terms and categories in relation to my artistic practice. I include below a specific quote about the artistic notion of the postmodern. "The postmodern would be that which, in the modern, puts forward the unrepresentable in presentation itself; that which denies itself the solace of good forms, the consensus of a taste which would make it possible to share collectively the nostalgia for the unattainable; that which searches for new presentations, not in order to enjoy them but in order to impart a stronger sense of the unrepresentable. A postmodern artist or writer is in the position of a philosopher: the text he writes, the work he produces are not in principle governed by pre-established rules, and they cannot be judged according to a determining judgment, by applying familiar categories to the text or to the work. Those rules and categories are what the work of art itself is looking for. The artist and the writer, then, are working without rules in order to formulate the rules of what will have been done. Hence the fact that work and text have the character of an event; hence also they always come too late for their author, or, what amounts to the same thing, their being put into work, their realisation (mise en oeuvre) always begin too soon. 'Post modern' would have to be understood according to the paradox of the future (post) anterior (modo)." Jean-Francois Lyotard, 'The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge', trans. by G. Bennington and B. Massumi, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984, p. 81. Terms have been taken loosely from 'Art Now, Vol. 3', Hans Werner Holzwarth (ed.), Cologne: Taschen, 2012.
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