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Johan Sandborg, Duncan Higgins

About this exposition

I am no longer a stranger here,and the response to our misreading,only to see there is a flaw,not in the sense that it is less than perfect,rather that it is unconsidered,left unnoticed,left unopened,left untold,scratching that part of the mind,that can not let go of the conditions,for our seeing
typeresearch exposition
keywordsimage, Painting, post-photography, PHOTOGRAPHY, sound, place, VIDEO, memory
last modified27/11/2015
share statuspublic
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
230600 MAH00992 js dh CC BY-NC-ND
230590 MAH01028 js dh CC BY-NC-ND
230571 DSC1061_DxO js CC BY-NC-ND
230538 midnight11 flower-wall_web JS CC BY-NC-ND
230536 unloud4.56 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230535 unloud4.68 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230534 unloud4.69 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230533 unloud4.70 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230532 unloud4.71 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230531 unloud4.72 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230525 DSC0855_DxO JS CC BY-NC-ND
230520 unloud4.67 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230514 unloud4.66 web HD CC BY-NC-ND
230511 unloud4.65 web HD CC BY-NC-ND
230509 unloud4.56 web DH CC BY-NC-ND
230499 DSCF0640 JS CC BY-NC-ND
230497 DSCF0654 JS CC BY-NC-ND
230487 road02 JS CC BY-NC-ND
230485 road02 js CC BY-NC-ND

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