RAW ART (last edited: 2015)

Christopher Hollins

About this exposition

Presenting unguided paint, unformed clay, jumbled sounds, or undisciplined movement as art brings recall of a natural raw way of sensing that is lost when you learn to guide paint to make pictures, model clay to form sculpture, compose sound to create music, or control movement to choreograph dance. Indeed, any imposition of purposeful intent into your work will destroy the natural raw sensation of an object or an event. The idea that a natural raw sensation is suppress by our intelligent way of looking at the world is now upheld in evolutionary psychology. This scientific discipline theorizes that the most probable cause of our need to create art through controlled technique is the result of an unconscious behavioural response that arose in the past to suppress recall of an intuitive way of sensing. An old way that the mind interpreted it's view of objects and events, that our distant ancestors lived with, has been replaced by intelligent learning, but our learned way of looking evolved to suppress, rather than reveal, the old experience. Any artist who understands this and tries to regain a glimpse of what remains of the older inherent way of sensing by intuition and instinct has to find a way to make art without learned thoughts. This means stopping your mind guiding the paint, clay, sounds or movement.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsArt Theory, Behavioral Response, Evolutionary Psychology, Chance, Accident, Raw Art
last modified10/12/2015

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