Choreographic Process as Interaction (last edited: 2022)

Kirsi Törmi
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My artistic doctoral research consists of two pre-examined artistic parts, three different experimental practical applications, and the written part at hand. The process descriptions and the findings of the pre-examined artistic parts AmazinGRace- (2010) and Kierto (2012) that had premiers in Kajaani are discussed in the chapters under these titles respectively. During the research project, I realised three experimental practical applications: the workshops Tunto (2012–2013) and Vertaislaboratorio- (2013) and Piileskelevä liike (2014). The title of my written part is Koreografinen prosessi vuorovaikutuksena [Choreographic Process as Interaction]. Participatory and process oriented practices of dance have taken an increasing role in dance during the last few years. In my research I try to understand the phenomenon and aim at forming new knowledge and new methods for this widening field in dance. The starting point in my research was the frustration and the dissatisfaction I felt at the time towards my choreographic practice. With my research I outline an interactive choreographic process that corresponds with my understanding of that which appears to me as meningful when I encounter people in artistic processes. Making room for feelings and sensations in a choreographic process is a central element in my research. The research has taken shape without a specific hypothesis. Instead of a hypothesis, the research has been driven by my critical and reflective agency, based on which I have developed visions and practices. Theory has not been leading action in this research process, whereas the applicable theoretical framework has adjusted itself to the existing artistic activity. The theoretical reference points in my research are found in the Pedagogy of the Oppressed and the Radical Upbringing, the Discipline of Authentic Movement, the Body Psychotherapeutic Approach and the thinking of neurologist Antonio Damasio.
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