Eleni Kolliopoulou - Noir Desìr: About Subjugated and Acting Body “in Desire” (last edited: 2016)

Paulo de Assis
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Eleni Kolliopoulou | Independent visual artist, GR Day 1, 9 November, De Bijloke Bibliotheek, 14:30-15:00 A few years ago, our professor of aesthetics at the Academy showed us Deleuze’s L'Abécédaire. In “D comme Désir,” the following was a significant moment for me: “we never desire an object, for example a woman, but the ‘landscape’ that is what we sense that is ‘inside’ this woman and our imaginary engagement with this (landscape).” I imagined an almost empty landscape, except for allusions to a city, the perception of time (rhythm and light) and the desirous. While the waves of desire roll over the landscape, I embody that body’s desire, its tendency to receive and incorporate the external force that dominates it. The lightning strikes: you see.
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