On Stockhausen Solo(s) (last edited: 2016)

Juan Parra, Johannes (Jos) Mulder

About this exposition

Using Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Solo für Melodieinstrument und Rückkoppelung (1965 - 66) as starting point for investigating the affect and effect of technological transference when reproducing historical repertoire with live electronics, we aim to shed light on the misconception of “transparency” of sound reinforcement and current digital media, and how this colouring can (and perhaps should) be used to inject new life and ask new questions to the works it aims to preserve. On the footprint of a rendition that will aim to reflect as close as possible the original performance tradition of the piece, we will later allow the possibilities of current Network, signal processing and reinforcement technology shape and colour a radical interpretation of simultaneous Solo(s).
typeresearch exposition
keywordsperformance practice, computer music, live electronics
last modified08/11/2016
statusin progress
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affiliationOrpheus Institute
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