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SYNSMASKINEN: an inquiry into contemporary political crises SYNSMASKINEN is a new artist-group and an inquiry into contemporary political crises. The project will consist of art projects, each exploring a certain aspect or manifestation of contemporary crisis. Together these visions are attempts to unfold a contemporary cosmology; a new political horizon. SYNSMASKINEN is an artist-group in the sense that each production is made in collaboration between a small group of participants. Each art project will be made by new groups of artists and thinkers. In this sense SYNSMASKINEN will probe the concept of the research-group: What kind of insights does artistic thinking provide? How can collectivity address the political issues of topics in a critical manner? The name, SYNSMASKINEN is taken from the Danish and Norwegian translations of Paul Virilio’s seminal book on the techniques of perception, La Machine De Vision. The name SYNSMASKINEN contains the methodological program: SYN=vision / MASKIN=machine SYNSMASKINEN is the third large-scale research-project at Bergen Academy of Art & Design. Following Re-Place and Topographies of the Obsolete the project offers a continuation of and an addition to the new tradition of kunstnerisk utvikling/artistic research at the core the Department of Art. SYNSMASKINEN is organised by professor Frans Jacobi, artistic-research leader Åse Løvgren and research assistant Benedicte Clementsen. www.synsmaskinen.net
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last modified27/06/2022
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affiliationBergen Academy of Art and Design, Norwegian Artistic Research Programme,
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published inFaculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen
portal issue1. Past projects - 2018 and prior
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333901 RD LAING screenshot St Görans Lecture in Stockholm All rights reserved
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292875 Another Error is NOT Possible synsmaskinen All rights reserved
292426 UM OUTRO MUNDO É NECESSARIO Thomas Kilpper / Synmaskinen All rights reserved
280314 trailer burst Synsmaskinen All rights reserved
279533 hole1 frans jacobi All rights reserved
407613 À la recherche de l’information perdue synsmaskinen / cornelia sollfrank All rights reserved
558418 _mg_4260-900x600 frans jacobi All rights reserved
1697938 img_3738-900x675 frans jacobi CC BY-NC-ND
1697939 img_3738-900x675 frans jacobi Public domain
1697955 20-900x675 Brandon LaBelle CC BY-NC-ND
1697965 1lust-greed-900x1067 frans jacobi CC BY-NC-ND
1697969 dsc07981-900x1600 frans jacobi CC BY-NC-ND
1697971 phase-4-posterx-900x900 frans jacobi CC BY-NC-ND

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