Resurrecting Dead Darlings Exposition (last edited: 2024)

Ryan Mason, Annamari Keskinen

About this exposition

Situated within the broader discourse of artistic research, Resurrecting Dead Darlings- A Palindromic Process of Artistic Rebirth amplifies the project's commitment to reinvigorating the dialogue between artists and spectators through the process of engaging with dead darlings. It introduces a multimedia archive tailored to enhance performances by allowing deeper insight into the artistic process—highlighting the evolution from initial concept to performance and the subsequent reinvention. This synthesis encapsulates the project's approach to fostering a dynamic interplay between viewing and creating, where spectators are invited into the intimate spheres of artistic reimagining, and creators are offered reflective distance to view their work through the audience's eyes. This initiative recognizes the evolving nature of artistic research, emphasizing the move towards integrating research-focused methodologies and embracing diverse forms of creation. Doing so enriches the artist/spectator relationship, positioning it as a foundational element that drives the creative cycle forward. The exposition is a tangible interface for this engagement, offering a conduit for transdisciplinary exploration and a deeper mutual appreciation of the artistic journey. It reaffirms the project's role as a vibrant platform for collaboration, discovery, and the continual reshaping of the artistic experience, echoing Thar Be Dragons’ vision for a participatory and reflective artistic culture. The exposition is a platform for the artists to document their work, acting as a supportive tool and a gentle invitation to convert embodied thinking into words, which can often prove challenging. It embraces a variety of approaches, including texts, sound recordings, and videos, all designed to exist in an adaptive format that accommodates constant evolution and development. The material within doesn’t necessarily explicate the contents of the exposition but rather works as a collaborative interlocutor. While the primary working language is English, Finnish is also occasionally used. * Dead Darlings are ideas that, for one reason or another, have been set aside, abandoned, or otherwise not realized. They can be scenes, psychophysical movement spaces, modes of performance, or sets of actions based on fictional situations and settings.
typeresearch exposition
keywordschoreography and performance, Multimodal experience, reconstruction, deconstruction, sharing, artistic practices, artistic processes, archive, cultural ecology, reflective practice, performance, audience engagement, archives as witness, temporality, spectatorship, revival as practice, liminality, Liminal Space, Contextual Choreography, methodology, dialogic encounter, Role of Spectatorship in Art, archive as creative practice
last modified20/05/2024
statusin progress
share statuspublic
affiliationThar Be Dragons
copyrightRyan Mason
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
external linkwww.tharbedragons.org

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