Working with Revoid Ensemble 2015-2016 (last edited: 2020)

Klas Nevrin, Anna LIndal, Katt Hernandez, Österstam Ricard
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About this exposition

Reflections on working with Revoid Ensemble during 2015-2016.
typeresearch exposition
last modified04/05/2020
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licenseCC BY-NC-ND

Simple Media

id name copyright license
268730 Organ Beat Repeat 2 Klas Nevrin CC BY-NC-ND
268729 LP Patter and Processed Klas Nevrin CC BY-NC-ND
268728 Balafone Delay Klas Nevrin CC BY-NC-ND
268722 Glissando harmonic development Klas Nevrin & Ricard Österstam CC BY-NC-ND
268721 13onthefloor Ricard Österstam CC BY-NC-ND
268706 Quasi-Flamenco Klas Nevrin CC BY-NC-ND

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