Actions of an Architect in Malta (last edited: 2024)

Mirco Azzopardi
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Thesis of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2023. Master Interior Architecture (INSIDE) This study solely addresses Malta, whereby it was after leaving the island that I felt a growing devotion and sense of patriotism toward what I had left behind. In its irony, choosing to leave the country to better it, as to broaden perspectives and break from the shackles of the norm, proves challenging. However, in shaping my professional career, how could I surround myself with warranted professionals within the built environment who advocate for better while playing imperative masquerading roles in formulating the worse? Exposed to a new Dutch environment, I was able to critically reflect on the typical Maltese streetscape, convinced that the architect can play a more significant role in pressing issues the country faces. Although I do not relate to the systems the Maltese architectural scene operates within, it became apparent that to have a valued perspective and say within the system, one must understand it, or at the least grasp its principal values. To better understand such complexities, I formally reached out to various agencies playing essential roles within this framework today, intrigued by their contradicting principles and perspectives. The insight gained through these interviews serves as an underpinning for arguments raised throughout the text. Therefore, it must be noted that the arguments raised address the current situation in Malta heading into the 2030s decade.
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