Customized Realities (2024)

Sorin Angeleanu

About this exposition

Thesis / Research Document of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 2023. Bachelor Interactive Media Design In this paper I aim to reveal the influence of echo chambers and the use of echo chambers as a potential tool used as a defense mechanism by the emergent artificial intelligence. We also look at the impact of such defense against our social construct and the availability of genuine human interaction in a world that is mostly digitally connected then physically . We investigate in this thesis some contemporary ideas about our current situation and or potential solution to pop up the bubble of i-reality, a term I used to refer to when thinking about customized reality bubble surrounding every digitally active person. My research journey starts with reminding us why we do this research, what is the urgency, and then delving into historical facts and researching contemporary or historical views, analyzing the algorithmic world of social networking and the surprising results of digital isolation in tiny echo-chambers. Thus , my research led to several conclusions of how we might be able to pop up the i-reality bubble and change the grim potential outcome of a world dominated by synthetic life to a world in which we human can cohabitate with a potential self aware synthetic life .
typeresearch exposition
keywordsAI, SOCIAL BUBBLE, ECHO-CHAMBERS, ATTENTION ECONOMY, ALGORITHMS, artistic research, art, art education, art theory
last modified25/06/2024
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languageAmerican English
published inRoyal Academy of Art, The Hague
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