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Daniel Mayer

About this exposition

Within this project, I present a piece of electro-acoustic music in six parts, based on a short sound recording from my kitchen and strongly influenced by my ongoing research in the area of granular synthesis. I'm fascinated by the vast territories of unheard sounds that are still waiting to be explored, in the field of electro-acoustic music in general, and within this synthesis method in particular. Software development is an essential part of the exploration as well as the production of artistic works, which the audience might not necessarily perceive as part of the research process. This composition much more a result – or epiphenomenon? – of such a process than other works of mine have been. I published the source code with a graphical interface together with the latest version of my software library miSCellaneous, which I've been developing during the last years in the SuperCollider audio programming language. In this special case, where I experimented with a particular synthesis strategy, represented by a software class, I wanted to make the technical details of the composition process as transparent as possible – at least for people interested in following them. But at the same time, I wanted to illustrate the aesthetical decisions, the structure of the workflow, and how they interfere with each other. Concerning these latter questions, I'd like to share my experiences and reflections in this exposition.
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