Material in the artistic process (2017)

Michael Kargl
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The materials used in a work of art are not necessarily determined from the start. The contemporary artistic work process involves a great deal of experimenting in order to arrive at the most suitable material to realize an idea. In this test phase one also risks altering the complete work, its parameters, characteristics, and not least its final appearance. This process of material-based transformation has a two-fold effect: first, on the artwork itself (its haptic conditions), and then on its perception, which in turn influences the specific form of aesthetic recognition actuated by the artwork.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsmateriality, visual art, exhibition, performative research, performative materiality, research, public, process
last modified20/03/2017
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affiliationUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna, Angewandte Innovation Lab
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published inUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna
portal issueUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna 2017.

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