To call that 'writing'? (last edited: 2018)

Joa Hug
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In my doctoral research, I am exploring a practice that combines the observation of the process of sensing with paying attention to the process of thinking - the so-called 'research score'. This research exposition is a draft version of a contribution to a special issue of 'Nivel' on the poetics of form in artistic research (http://nivel.teak.fi/poetics-of-form/). "To call that 'writing'?" raises the question whether the linguistic and aesthetic yield of the research score can be considered a form of 'writing' that can be read as research.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsexperimental writing, diffraction, embodied writing, expositionality
last modified04/09/2018
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affiliationUniversity of the Arts Helsinki, Performing Arts Research Centre/Theatre Academy
licenseCC BY-NC-ND

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360051 Research Score All Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360063 Figure1_01192017_kitchenfloor Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360085 Figure2_0701201647_cross Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360088 Figure3_0629201652_OlympRiika Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360091 Figure4_0701201646_knees Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360097 Figure5_0629201651_knees Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360113 Figure6_0629201650_handsun Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360124 Figure7_0701201651_feetweight Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360128 Figure8_0629201641_feet Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360132 Figure9_0629201648_armsun Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360137 Figure10_0701201648_armhand Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360146 Sun short.dv Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360164 rescore_writing_All_Nivel Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360242 Figure11_VideoStill Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND
360280 Sun short_converted Joa Hug CC BY-NC-ND

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