Aesthetics of inhuman touch: notes for 'vegetalised' performance (2018)

mirko nikolić, Neda Radulovic

About this exposition

The article aims to develop the notion of posthuman/ist performance art, drawing from and continuing the line of work developed by Karen Barad. Starting from the critique of anthropocentrism of performance studies, we try and apply the notions of affect and intra-action to account for interspecies entanglements in the context of performance arts. The article will tackle several main issues in attempt to acknowledge more than human agencies participating in the event of performance: how do we understand and reconfigure the notion of body in performance? Whose bodies count as present and who gets the credit as the subject/creator of the performance? As the territory to investigate these questions we look at the vegetal-human co-performances, especially through touching intra-actions. We try to figure what a desiring-touching between these radically different embodiments and modes of being would entail, and, through this critique of performance studies, we make steps towards 'vegetalising' both affect theory and agential realist theory of intra-action.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsposthumanist performance, critical plant studies, affect, intra-action, inhuman touch
last modified16/03/2018
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licenseAll rights reserved
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue9. Practicing New Materialisms in the Arts

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