Focus (a document) (last edited: 2017)

Gabriel Paiuk

About this exposition

Focus deals with the ways we engage with sound in an environment saturated by audio media technology. Taking the form of a sound installation, Focus invites the visitor to explore the exhibition space by moving throughout, standing or sitting. Through the superimposition of multiple loudspeaker constellations, Focus sets up sound as a sensitive fabric for the listener to traverse, each point prompting diverse modes in which the experience of the sonorous emerges: as a quasi-tactile phenomenon, as an impression of distance, as an activation of memories of lived or recorded spaces. In Focus, the technology of sound emission is not hidden but rather disclosed, enhancing the physical interaction of the listener with these devices, emphasizing how their material properties breed memories and conditions we utilize to make sense of sound around us.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsSound Mediation, Perception and Consciousness, sound studies, sound installation art
last modified08/12/2017
statusin progress
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affiliationLeiden University Academy of Creative and Performing Arts
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