Curious Arts – No. 5 (last edited: 2017)

Susan Brind, Jim Harold

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'Curious Arts – No. 5' CCA, Glasgow, 2011 Sculptural and sound installation In December 2011 the CCA dedicated its major gallery spaces to a two-week programme that developed its support for writing and publishing within contemporary art practice: "This programme will review the progress of 2HB in the form of an exhibition, ... an events programme and place this activity in the broader context of an international book fair where we can consider how books travel and how we travel through books. ... It has felt like the quality and diversity of artistic practice in Glasgow has been accelerated by art writing and journal publishing, as if the intelligence and sensibility of artistic practice in the city has been harnessed to a new force. ... So, we are wondering: what kind of cultural motor is independent publishing in Glasgow, and how does writing act as a motor within the artist's own practice?" Quoted from CCA, Glasgow - "2HB: What we make with words. Writing and publishing as motors within contemporary art practice", October 2011 (undated). Exhibition curators: Sarah Tripp and Jamie Kenyon. Exhibiting Artists: Susan Brind & Jim Harold, Ruth Buchanan, Alex Impey, Paul Elliman, Kathryn Elkin, Hannah Ellul, Kate Morrell, Charlotte Prodger, Thom Walker, and Rebecca Wilcox. Drawing upon research undertaken in the library at Hospitalfield House, Arbroath (an historic house on the east coast of Scotland), and by means of a sculptural sound installation, 'Curious Arts – No. 5 took the viewer on a journey from the private world of the writing desk to the landscape and a place of images, texts and the history of ideas.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsplace, landscape, nature, libraries, archive, text, sound, history of ideas
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affiliationCCFT - Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design, University of Bergen and School of Fine Art, Glasgow School of Art
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