CHOREO–GRAPHIC FIGURES. Deviations from the Line (last edited: 2020)

Nikolaus Gansterer, Emma Cocker, Mariella Greil

About this exposition

"CHOREO–GRAPHIC FIGURES. Deviations from the Line" The interdisciplinary research project “CHOREO–GRAPHIC FIGURES. Deviations from the Line” (2014 - 2017), led by artist Nikolaus Gansterer (Austria/Vienna) in collaboration with choreographer-dancer Mariella Greil (Austria/Vienna) and artist-writer Emma Cocker (UK/Nottingham), in dialogue with a team of international critical interlocutors was approved funded by the FWF/ PEEK research grant of Austria. With ‘arts-based research’ at its heart, this research project stages an inter-subjective encounter between drawing (Gansterer), choreography (Greil) and writing (Cocker) in order to a) investigate those forms of ‘thinking-feeling-knowing’ produced through collaborative, interdisciplinary exchange, ‘between the lines’ of drawing, dance and writing, b) explore the performativity of notation (figures of thought, speech and movement) for articulating and making tangible this enquiry, c) contribute new knowledge and understanding to debates about the specificity of artistic enquiry and expanded practices of drawing, dance and writing. The project explores the nature of ‘thinking-in-action’ or ‘figures of thought’ produced as the practices of drawing, choreography and writing enter into dialogue, overlap and collide. Through processes of reciprocal exchange, dialogue and negotiation between the key researchers, "CHOREO–GRAPHIC FIGURES. Deviations from the Line" will interrogate the interstitial processes, practices and knowledge(s) produced in the ‘deviation’ for example, from page to performance, from word to mark, from line to action, from modes of flat image making towards transformational embodied encounters.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsnotation, drawing, writing, embodied diagrammatics, Choreography, performance
last modified06/04/2020
statusin progress
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affiliationUniversity of Applied Arts, Vienna / Austria; Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham / UK; APASS, Brussels / Belgium; ...
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