The poetics of enlivening. Searching for the music drama "Borderlands" (2020)

Kerstin Perski

About this exposition

From the librettist’s perspective, the traditional working methods which tend to dominate in the creation of new music drama, often result in a situation where the initial intentions are lost along the way. How can we get away from a rigid methodology, where the different professionals involved in the creation of new music drama have to succumb to a procedure which can be likened to a whispering game? A procedure, where the dramatic content, rather than undergoing an emotional enrichment in its transformation into music, often loses the crucial connections to the initial intentions. This doctoral project aims to reach beyond the whispering game by seeking alternative working methods in the creation of a new music drama with the working title "Borderlands", circling around the subject matter of flight and borders - inner as well as outer. The research identified cross–border methods which, borrowing from the terminology of Martin Buber, can be seen as an attempt to counteract the “I–It” relationship that often results from the genre’s focus on virtuosity. The results might inspire further attempts to find alternative working methods which could ultimately create a stronger “I–Thou” relationship between the performance and the audience.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsopera, libretto, dramaturgi, musikdramatik, transformation, gränsöverskridande metoder, kollaborativa processer, reciproka processer, fenomenologisk metod, intentionalitet, gemensam intentionalitet, känslomässig generalbas, terrängkartan, fysikalisk poesi, vokalt agerande, instrumentalt agerande, synergi, synestetiska samband, transformationsvägvisare, tredje bilden, emotionell gestikulation, skisser, emotionell anrikning, music and text, dramaturgy, music drama, cross-border methods, collaborative processes, reciprocal processes, sketches, phenomenological method, Intentionality, common intentionality, emotional figured bass, the terrain map, physical poetry, vocal acting, instrumental acting, synergy, synesthetic connections, the transformation navigator, the third image, emotional gesticulation, emotional enrichment, I-Thou, I-It
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affiliationPhD candidate in performative and mediated practices-with specialisation in Opera at Stockholm University of the Arts
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published inStockholm University of the Arts (SKH)
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