Reflection on the auditory and visual aspects of 'site-specific' in arts (last edited: 2021)

Erika Matsunami
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This artistic research is cognitive research concerning part three of „N.N-Zwischenliegend” that is based on auditory and visual aspects of site-specific installation, which is focused on their concepts and components in arts. Situs, which is included in site-specific, means the location, especially in the phrase in situ. A contemplation of in situ on the subject of „localization and an existing reality” is the starting point of this research, which is concerned with the topic of site-specific art as well as installation. Consequently, I deal with Max Eastley’s concept of auditory aspects of site-specific installation and its seeing in, and theoretically I deal with the reflection of visual aspects of site-specific art in aesthetics and philosophy of art, especially with a paper „Dismantling the Frame: Site-Specific Art and Aesthetic Autonomy“ by Jonson Gaiger in which paper of his argument for the orientation of recent art practice towards what has come to be termed ‘site-specificity’, and as well as with site-specific installation in the contemporary spatial strategies. In conclusion, I, therefore, question whether a site-specific art, as well as installation, still would be experimentation in the arts. And how? I mention thereby about Autonomy and its Identity in Arts. This artistic research addresses the issue of the mediation of art, particularly in contemporary society and art. I explore thereby for human-being (well-being) through art and in art theoretically.
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keywordsin situ, spatial strategy, perception, Auditory space and visual sense, Autonomy, Site-specific
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