What is a musical error? (last edited: 2020)

Erika Matsunami
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This artistic research „What is a musical error?" is an exploring musical error and its potential creativity in performance as well as improvisation. This research is in connection with „N.N-ZWISCHENLIEGEND“ – NON-CALCULABLE TIME, SPACE AND BODY, consequently on auditory perception 'seeing-in', in a part of research in regard to these of evolutionary linguistics. Therefore I explore the multisensory philosophical approach Beyond Vision, Casey O’Callaghan (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017) from the aspect of auditory perception practically and theoretically, in the field of sonic art, aesthetics, and philosophy (of art) which relate to cognitive neuroscience. I explore the subject “auditory and multisensory perception” in his approach of which takes the forms of perception and awareness among senses beyond vision in his theses, I also deal with his theses in the process of exploring an account of ästhetisches Dasein. (Translation, Transcription and Coding in the contemporary music.)
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keywordsattention in aesthetic value, audio perception, consciousness and under consciousness, spontaneous, autonomy and aesthetic
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