BLOD, BLOD(y), BLOD (last edited: 2021)

Kersti Grunditz Brennan, annika boholm

About this exposition

BLOD, BLOD(y), BLOD – an exposition of recurring processes, trails and building blocks of the film and research project BLOD through the lens of its methods; its manifesto. The research is actively trying to create a feminine gaze – cyclic, spiraling, ‘rhizomatic’, kaleidoscopic, layered – in states of FEMMES: Breaching one’s FOLD by grabbing its bottom, turning inside out. Continuously returning to Daddy Lacan’s claim; again (encore) is the world’s most EROTIC word. In Swedish: igen och igen. Affording MONSTERS shocking light of day – unleashing inner creative beasts. Attempting to rewire and relearn – repetition as the MOMMY of learning. Listening to ECHOES of (feminine) experience reverberating through time and space. Obsessively picking at SCARS of life and story. BLOD is a site for research on transboundary content, collaboration and aesthetics in cinematic storytelling. Storytelling - weaving, multiplicity, intersecting storylines, reflexive, pulsating, spiral progression, revisiting... Content – blood, sex, birth and rebirth, loss and death, recurring states, visceral identification, physical commonality... Aesthetics – repetitive, recycling, returning, folding back on itself... Collaboration - replacing, transgressing, rehearsing, noncompromising, diversifying... Cinematic – Image as reinterpretation. Moving image as restructuring of past and present. Combination of image and sound – sites, words and actions – as reframing and reconstruction of perceived reality and events... This practice based research makes its outcomes reproducible via the mediums of its artistic practice - making the process of creating visible as stories in the films themselves, making the connections and interactions of the research's building blocks; ideas, places, materials, people, time, experiences, technologies; felt through the design of the exposition. To enjoy this exposition - move around it with your mouse, follow dotted paths and layout trajectories our from the center, linger on images and videos. Hover over numbers and words in BOLD to reveal expanding texts. Linger on images and videos for captions, translations and instructions for further interaction. Along the outer rim of the exposition are spiral buttons to take you back to the center with a click. The exposition is in English and Swedish with English translation.
typeresearch exposition
last modified30/05/2021
statusin progress
share statuspublic
copyrightKersti G. Brennan, Annika Boholm
licenseAll rights reserved

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