Performing/Transforming Practices - LCA perspectives on filmproduction within in the context of performative artistic research (last edited: 2024)

Lina Persson

About this exposition

A collaboration between Anna Björklund, associate professor/docent, Dept. of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Engineering (SEED), KTH and Lina Persson, Researcher, Department of film and media, Stockholm Uniarts. We aim to monitor and evaluate the life cycle climate impact of practices in film and media, in research and education at Stockholm Uniarts on two levels, on an individual researcher’s level and on an organisational level with student’s teams. As a first step, we will monitor and evaluate the impact of these artistic processes and as a second step we will develop new tools and documents that can support students in shifting their productions towards films with smaller climate footprint. The tools will enable the students to carry out performative productions, using their creativity to stay within set sustainability limitations, finding new ways to make films and to let, the story, the experience, of that process accompany them in the coming productions. The joint conclusions of the collaboration will be interwoven with Persson’s research project Climate-Just Worldings where the performativity of fictional story-worlds and how they can interact with an organization’s reality is explored. become part of the climate-just narrative developed within Persson’s project. We also aim to develop an app tool to make the documentation process more intuitive. The documentation of this process will also be continuously available to the public online.
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1022483 zoom metod video inspelning h264 lina persson All rights reserved
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1083344 voice of LCA lina persson All rights reserved
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1194576 Prioriteringsordning hållbart konstnärsskap lina persson CC BY-NC-ND
1398425 dormant active cables render test lina persson CC BY-NC-ND
1399183 Skärmavbild 2021-10-21 kl. 14.16.17 karin lagercrnatz CC BY-NC-ND
1427943 human mine 3 (0-02-31-13) lina persson CC BY-NC-ND
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1917206 samtal tekniska museet lina persson CC BY-NC-ND
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