Lost + Found: a recollection of the studio (last edited: 2020)

Remco Roes, koenraad claes
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In 2016 Remco Roes and Koenraad Claes formed the collective intermerz (NTRMRZ): an uncontrolled 'quatre mains' that culminates in an aesthetic dissonance. Recently NTRMRZ produced a series of works that came into being by copying an almost coincidental original with meticulous precision, but in a different geographical location. By forcing themselves into such protocols NTRMRZ's publications and videos operate as time-based sculptures, made out of their surroundings, cast by an identical mould, but inevitably enriched by the grain and interference encountered on the journey. However vigorous the attempt to copy, the subject matter inevitably escapes its holder, and in doing so alters the form of past en future copies. 'Lost and found: a recollection of the studio' (2020) consists of two videos that approach K and R's studios as a terrain to mimic previous urban journeys. In the process, the individual working spaces merge into one optical realm. As a way of enhancing this intertwining, the works are meant to be played simultaneously. By following a set of instructions the viewer is invited to create a spatial and visual connection that functions as a personal dyptich.
typeresearch exposition
last modified30/04/2020
statusin progress
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copyrightRemco Roes & Koenraad Claes
licenseAll rights reserved
external linkwww.intermerz.com

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