Ixodos: Writing with the ball-point of the clitoris: Why infantophobia is essential to the system: Why artist mothers are especially dangerous (last edited: 2020)

Chrystalleni Loizidou, Someone has to do this

About this exposition

We hereby begin to frame the internationally collaborative work of Ixodos to be reviewed, and propagated by the Research Catalogue and its affiliate institutions. This exposition is based on questions initially asked by/with artist Livia Moura, Carolina Cortes, Bianca Berdardo, for Instituto Mesa. Ixodos is an international platform for transversal-translocal art exchanges, facilitating and accompanying residencies, projects, exhibitions, the sharing of knowledge, and the building of our common soul and greater selves. These art exchanges are not just between artists and art institutions but also between social, political and ecological projects and movements around the world, starting from Cyprus and Brazil. Ixodos was ritually initiated In June-August 2018 by Carolina Cortes, Chrystalleni Loizidou, Evanthia Tselika, and Livia Moura in Greece and Cyprus, initially in connection with Hippocrates' Garden in the island of Cos, It generated its second residency programme at A Casa Lar, Rio de Janeiro, in June-August 2019. ​ Ixodos é uma plataforma de intercâmbios, trocas, facilitando e acompanhando residencias, projetos, exposições, o compartilhamento de conhecimento, e a construção e expansão de uma alma comum e de nossas existências. Esta troca artística não é apenas entre artistas e instituições artísticas, mas também de projetos e movimentos sociais, políticos e ecológicos (ambientais) no mundo, começando com Chipre e Brasil.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsaphrodite, socially engaged art, Brasil, Cyprus, women, Iemanja, sexuality, motherhood, Mother-Artist, feminism, work, collaborative processes
last modified17/08/2020
statusin progress
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licensePublic domain
external linkhttps://www.reaphrodite.org/ixodos

Simple Media

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966197 Capture 2 Chrystalleni Loizidou Public domain
966203 VID_20190721_121543 - Hi Richard Chrystalleni Loizidou Public domain
966228 VID_20190818_145959 - may it circle Carolina Cortes and Chrystalleni Loizidou Public domain
966670 Aphrodite offering to I Chrystalleni Loizidou Public domain

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