Polifonia project

“An Early 19th Century Grenser-Wiesner Bassoon from Stockholm and its Repertoire”

Donna Agrell (Principal Investigator), Ton Koopman (supervisor), Frans de Ruiter (supervisor), Martin Kirnbauer (supervisor)
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About this project

The entry in a London auction catalogue, Lot 134, "A Very Fine Eleven-Keyed Stained Maple Bassoon, by H. Grenser & Wiesner, Dresden, circa 1825", describes one of the few surviving examples of a complete period bassoon with all its parts, including a second wing joint, crooks and a box of reeds The instrument, crooks and reeds offer valuable information for both period instrument builders and players today. The subject of my research is the historical background of this important instrument, and more specifically focuses on the unique opportunity it presents as a functioning whole in the context of its repertoire. This thorough examination of the Grenser & Wiesner bassoon, which was found in Stockholm, is relevant to 19th century performance practice studies and incorporates compositions written by Franz Berwald and Bernhard Henrik Crusell.
field of studyMusic: Bassoon
keywordsBassoon, Grenser-Wiesner, Crooks, Reeds, Berwald