De Strijd der Faculteiten - over zin en onzin van onderzoek in de kunsten (01/01/2004)

Henk Borgdorff

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Part of this article is published in Dutch as 'De strijd der faculteiten - over zin en onzin van onderzoek in de kunsten. Boekman (Kunst en Wetenschap) 58/59 (Spring 2004) , pp. 191-196. Part of it is published in English as 'On Theory, Practice and Research in Professional Art Academies. The Reflexive Zone - Research into Theory in Practice. HKU 2004, pp. 117-124. Here the full English and the Dutch versions are give. A slightly changed version of the article is included as chapter 1 in The Conflict of the Faculties: Perpectives on Artistic Research and Academia. Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2012.
keywordsartistic research, research policy, methodology
publisherBoekmanstichting & HKU
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