The Fall of Faust - Consideration on Contemporary Art and Art Action (07/07/2010)

Andrea Pagnes

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The Fall of Faust - Considerations on Contemporary Art and Art Action By Andrea Pagnes Introduction by Wolf-Gunther Thiel, Preface by Dana Altman, Foreword and Postface by Vedran Vucic VestAndPage press, July 2010 Hardcover, pp. 208, 20 x 13 cm ISBN 978-88-90516-0-8 What distinguishes Pagnes and Stenke from other artists is that besides their constant practice which has taken them in major art centers around the world, they are also interested in the theoretical aspects of communication, in decoding the hidden fabric of art and of artistic activity. The current book, with its two sections, one devoted to theoretical aspects (written by Andrea Pagnes) and a second one devoted to artistic practice (written by Andrea Pagnes and Verena Stenke) coming as a result of the experience of VestAndPage, extensive touring, workshops and teaching, shows us that it is important to be not only a practicing entity of this form of art, but also to attempt a deeper understanding of the art phenomenon in general, which has undergone uncountable changes in both definition and concrete aspects in recent years. Being performers is just one of the facets of the art activity of VestAndPage, and it represents a translation of their theoretical armature. (Dana Altman, New York, 2010)
keywordscontemporary art, performance art, live art, art action, artistic research, art theory, art practice, art education, performing arts
publisherVestAndPage press
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