Bodyscapes (20/01/2009)

Valentina Moar, Gerhard Eckel, David Pirrò

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About this performance

Bodyscapes is the result of a collective research and creation process involving dance, choreography, composition, as well as sound and interaction design aiming at exploring the various facets of an ecology of bodily movement and sound. The piece presents different spaces of possible relationships between movement and sound (bodyscapes), each baring a particular recognizable characteristic and identity. Particular attention has been paid to identifying the most archetypical of these relationships. Bodyscapes has been realized by Valentina Moar (dance, improvisation, and choreography), Gerhard Eckel, and David Pirrò (composition, live electronics, interaction design, and software development) in the context of the artistic and scholarly research project Embodied Generative Music.
keywordsdance, computer music, choreography and performance
copyrightGerhard Eckel