Sound and Score. Essays on Sound, Score and Notation (02/10/2013)

Paulo de Assis

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Sound and Score brings together artistic-research expertise from prominent international voices exploring the intimate relations between sound and score, and the artistic possibilities that this relationship yields for performers, composers and listeners. Considering “notation” as the totality of words, signs and symbols encountered on the road to a concrete performance of music, this book aims at embracing different styles and periods in a comprehensive understanding of the complex relations between invisible sound and mute notation, between aural perception and visual representation, between the concreteness of sound and the iconic essence of notation. Three main perspectives structure this volume: a conceptual approach that offers contributions from different fields of enquiry (history, musicology, semiotics), a practical one that takes the skilled body as its point of departure (written by performers), and finally an experimental perspective that challenges state-of-the-art practices, including transdisciplinary approaches in the crossroads to visual arts and dance.
keywordsNotation, Score, Sound, Semiotics
copyrightLeuven University Press
referenceisbn 978 90 5867 976 5
placeGhent, Leuven
publisherLeuven University Press