FAULT (23/01/2014)

Lina Persson

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In the film essay FAULT, the terminology of geology finds its equivalents in the terminology of dramaturgy and they merge into a new language in order to describe the social, economic, political and ecological developments of four different mountains. In the project I collaborated with scientists and institutions of the natural sciences in China, Germany, Sweden, USA. Right and left are concepts that are based on a subjective position and won’t do as a guide to subject with ever new directions and rotations. But the direction of up / down remains. No matter how I twist or turn or mirror myself up remain up and down remain down. The up/down direction does not relate to my position, but from the Earth's center. Gravity is a fundamental interaction of life on Earth, it is a rule that is the basis of all our interactions. As I travel up a mountain gravity decreases by approximately 0.000002 m / s2 per meter upwards. According to Literature Professor S.Rabkin the Fantastic occurs when a basic rules of a narrativ make a 180 degree turn, when the prevailing view is completely contradicted. The movement up the mountain points out the direction of the Sci-fi genre's domains. Beyond the atmosphere gravity ceases, up becomes down, down becomes up. The total turn following the movement through the landscape with a new geo-dramaturgical model result. The turns are also under way inside the mountain through various faults. Thanks: Helena Kiel, BergAB, Naturhistoriska Museet Stockholm, Konstnärsnämnden, TCG Nordica, Kunming, Lou Fei, Elke Marhöfer, Cynthia Peterson, Ron Mallett, Statens Geologiska Undersökning uppsala, Kajsa Hult, Lövö geomagnetiska observatorium, Patrik Johansson, Emily Mennerdahl, Cecilia Widenheim, Mari Lagerquist, Angelica Roberts, Nelly Sandell, Johnny Sangskär, Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, The Archenhold Observatory, Västra Götalandsregionens internationella gästateljéstipendie, Göteborg Vatten, Sven Särnbratt, Kortedala museum Text excerpt: The large valleys around Gothenburg especially Götaälv valley introduces what the geologist calls “faults”. Faults may create a displacement between two mountains, or even divide a moun¬tain in two. The tension in the rock gorges and chasms, marks the bedrock in Västra Götaland with a syntax of splits and ruptures, and it testifies of large fault movements in the area’s history. The rearranging and flattening of the landscapes when building the suburb, sets unforeseen course of events in motion at Bergsjön. Set during the economic record years, the shift from rural to urban society overturn essential habits and ways of living. When the area’s hydrogeological flows reverses, water flows change directions, dry areas get flooded and vice versa. The architecture indebted to the emerging fantastical literature of technological imagination rises in an unreliable extension of the landmass. It projects itself above the surrounding into the future, extracting values belonging to coming inhabitants. The Mid-Atlantic ridge educes severe tensions between the conti¬nental plates, conveying us the coming movements. As these divergent boundaries are forcing apart the enormous mountain ranges with 2-4 cm per year, the tensions are concentrated in weak zones with earthquakes as a result. The tremors are minor, but sometimes they intervene, for example when the glasses clinked in the cabinet of the preserved suburban apartment from the 60’s. Located at the highest point of this turbulent bedrock, drained of resources, in the presence of time travelling colonizers, It allows for new and larger tensions in the bedrock increasing the risk of major faults, and tremors. In the scuffle of the aftershock the ground rules are forced to make a reversal with the truly fantastic as a result. Hovering above like the dot over the i.
copyrightLina Persson