A Portrait of the Artist writing a Ph.D. (25/05/2011)

Ronny Hardliz

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Examination of the phrase 'to write on a wall' as both 'to write about a wall' and 'to write on top of a wall'. Extended into 'to build on a wall' as both 'to build on top of a wall' and 'to build about a wall', as well as on the phrase 'to write or build on a text' understood in all its combinations. In analogy to pure language understood as the communication of communicability, the film suggests a pure architecture as the building of buildability – and with regard to research – documenting as the documentation of documentability.
keywordsart, architecture, film, wall, building, writing, documenting, phd, metaphor, gesture, construction, destruction, non-construction, art practice, language
copyrightRonny Hardliz