Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice. A Research Event (12/10/2018)

Michael Schwab

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Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice. A Research Event October 12-13, 2018 MUMUTH, Lichtenfelsgasse 14, 8010 Graz / Austria Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice brings together artists and theoreticians to explore forms in which to share developments emerging from art practices. The event will address the following questions: Which forms of sharing are relevant and adequate for artistic practice? Which formats can we think of that afford access and engagement while not compromising what is artistically important? What are the alternatives to a knowledge production driven and constrained by economic valorisation? The participants of the event will present and discuss examples of sharing engaged in artistic research. The event seeks to highlight possibilities of transposing rather than transferring what is gained from one context to another. Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice has been initiated by the team of artistic research project Transpositions [TP] Artistic Data Exploration (2014-17) and continues a series of research events that started in the context of the project The Choreography of Sound (2010-14) with On the Choreography of Sound (2012) and Mind the Gap (2013), both in Graz. Within TP two further research events took place, DA TA rush: Transposition not Exhibition (2016) in Vienna and Transpositions: From science to art (and back) (2017) in Stockholm. Artistic research events have been developed as experimental meeting formats combining artistic and academic contributions, aiming at articulating aesthetic experience and theoretical reflection. Following this tradition, Exploring Formats, Enriching Practice will also propose an unusual constellation of artistic and scholarly forms of presentation and participation.
copyrightGerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab, David Pirro
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