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"sin∞fin The Movie" is a Performance Hybrid Film Project trilogy. It outlines concept and realization process of VestAndPage's recent movie based on Performance art. To realize the trilogy, the artist couple has roamed far and wide through Antarctica, Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, India and Kashmir, diving into the absurdness of the quotidian. They perceived and defined spheres and sanctums: creations, unions, incorporations, rejections, collisions, invasions, infections and transformations of inner, private, social and universal spheres. Installations and performances were developed on site, shaping the three episodes of "sin∞fin The Movie" as such: #1"Performances at the End of the World" (Chilean Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego); #2 "Performances at the Holy Centre" (North India, Delhi and Kashmir); #3 "Performances at the Core of the Looking-Glass" (Peninsula Antarctica). "sin∞fin The Movie" is a film on the ephemeral form of Performance art, outside any filmic genre. It is an art project set between reality and vision, to stimulate and generate reflection on our common, conflictive contemporary situation. Being based on live performances, the two protagonists are primarily themselves: there is no acting in their actions, that appear artistic, but are based on real life. And still "sin∞fin The Movie" is not a documentary, as the single acts are finally puzzled together organically, to generate a new story that enfolds through the dynamics that have been created instead of through imposed intentions. The film recalls the rules of Performance art also in its cinematic technique: all is based on authenticity. There is no script or storyboard, the artists’ actions evolve in direct response to the surroundings in which they find themselves, and are plan-able only up to a certain degree. These single moments shape an organic cycle with an autonomous story, to be read by each viewer in a personal way. The artists reciprocally record their actions, or leave it to a tripod to statically record what happens. The set is given by the chosen venue with its natural light. The camera’s eye sees what a possible spectator of the action would see. No zooms, close-ups or shifting angles are used. The editing is reduced to basic cuts with a few means of overlapping, leaving the actions in their original length as much as possible. The lack of color or contrast adjustments, and the use of natural sound contribute to making the movie the most performative also in its cinematic aspects. VestAndPage research and experiment on the ridge of the ephemeral.The entire methodology of the "sin∞fin The Movie" project is subdue to process, shifting perspectives and finally life.
keywordsperformance art, film-making, installation, soundscape, hybridization, live art, cinema, moving images, artistic research, life, philosophy, phenomenology, anthropoetics, art process, art project, artwork
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