Relocation for Pinna Nobilis (09/05/2019)

Christina Stadlbauer

Available media

  • Pinna Nobilis Shell The Pinna Nobilis - the Noble Pen Shell is endemic to the Mediterranean Sea and classified as endangered species. Since ancient times, it was popular for its byssus thread and for folkloristic use.

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About this exhibition

During the exhibition PROYECTOS Y PROCESOS DE ARTE Y CIENCIA EN EL MAR MENOR at Murcia (Spain) a trailer of the Video training for endangered species was shown. The video is part of a series of relocation training tutorials produced by the Institute for Relocation of Biodiversity. The work started in 2018, during a residency with the project MarMenorLab with Clara Boj.
keywordsbiodiversity, endangered species, video performance, Pinna Nobilis
copyrightChristina Stadlbaue
materialInstallation, Video
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