Casa Crepa (14/07/2018)

Christina Stadlbauer

Available media

  • crepa_segno The large crack in the building on the piazza was restored by using Kin Tsugi based technique. The group Corale and the local population supported the work.

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  • Gosie_Vincenzo_House In the course of two weeks, the crack in the house underwent an artistic restoration.

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About this installation

Christina was invited to do a residency in the Italian mountain village Preci struck by earthquake some years earlier. Habitations were destroyed and the population demotivated. A large building in the centre of the village was still standing but displaying a large crack in the facade. Inspired by Kin Tsugi, the crack was repaired with Urushi and gold-coloured powder. Community work, durational performance and intervention. Invitation and collaboration with artist group Corale, Leonardo Delogu, Teatro Stabile, Umbria.
keywordsDurational performance, transformative repair, repair, earthquake, community work, kin tsugi, imperfection
copyrightChristina Stadlbauer