Homayun (07/07/2018)

Saman Samadi

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Apām Napāt (آپام نپات) is a trio by Iranian pianist, violinist, and singer Saman Samadi, clarinetist and saxophonist Blaise Siwula, and Buchla-player Hans Tammen. The ensemble presents a set of solos, duos, and trios that draw connections between their musical backgrounds. Using Persian modes and poems as well as a structured and recognizable yet free impulsive interaction between the instruments, they set parallel narratives in motion, occasionally intersecting but always accompanying one another. The trio released their recording Apām Napāt (آپام نپات) in 2016.
keywordsimprovisation, avant-garde, persian music, piano, clarinet, buchla, improvised music, microtonal music
copyrightSaman Samadi, Blaise Siwula, Hans Tammen
placeScholes Studio, Brooklyn, NYC
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