Ahunavaiti Gāthā no.1, stanza II (29/12/2018)

Saman Samadi

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Based on Zarathustra's homonymous poem, “Ahunavaiti Gāthā no.1, stanza II” is the first piece from a series of piano compositions of which the rhythmic structure is derived and developed from the language of his book (The Gāthās), Gāthic or Old Avestan which belongs to the ancient Iranian language group that is a sub-group of Eastern families of the Indo-European languages. This piece was formed by applying the poem's meter which is historically related to the Vedic tristubh-jagati family of meters. Converting Persian microtonal modes into an innovative well-tempered musical mode, the pitch organization is an endeavor for creating a syncretistic piece that could sublate Eastern and Western perspectives in order to hopefully expand timbral possibilities in the context of a global musical form. This work, in content, was inspired by the poem expounding on the divine essences of truth (Asha), the good-mind (Vohu Manah), and the spirit of righteousness. This composition was dedicated to Jared Redmond by whom was premiered at the San Francisco Center for New Music, San Francisco, CA, on Friday, February 15, 2019.
keywordspiano, composition
copyrightSaman Samadi
placeManhattan, New York