Between the Point of View and the Point of Being: the Space of the Stereoscopic Tours (16/12/2016)

Paolo Parmeggiani

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One of the most interesting features of the travel stereoview series is not their three-dimensional effect but rather the intertwined outcome of realism and “being-thereness” in the experience of early twentieth century armchair travellers. On the set of Italy through the Stereoscope, the viewer’s “path of the gaze” was a novelty compared to two-dimensional photographs and stereoviews. The Underwood & Underwood publishing company created a stereoscopic multimodal tour to improve the impression of realism with a proprioceptive perception of the scene. The procedure of textual débrayage, the description of the experience as it is happening here and now, the direction of the viewer’s gaze with a narrative itinerary, the changing of the visual convergence with the variation in the points of attention: all of these elements fostered a synaesthesia for the spectator. The result was immersion in an explorable space between the “point of view” (2D images) and the “point of being” (virtual reality).
keywordsstereoviews, immersion, multimodality, point of view, point of being
copyrightIJFMA 2016 (by-nc-nd)
placeFilm and Media Art Department/ Lusófona University
publisherInternational Journal of Film and Media Arts
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