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This research project aims to explore the dynamic process and interplay between the worldbuilding and worldings in my practice. Between an inner fantasy universe that I embed & immerse myself in through daydreaming, and my responses to everyday encounters in the university organization, research community, artistic collaborations and environmental activism etc.
The aim is to break with a reality that I live in and that shapes me, a reality I don't agree with and refuse to accept, by replacing it with an alternative, hypothetical reality.



Rebecca Hilton (host and moderator); Welcome & short reminder that seminar is public and will be recorded, introduction of participants.
A summary and introduction to the project by Lina Persson (around 30 mins)
Discussion of the project with opponent Michael Baers. who after a short summary leads a critical discussion with the doctoral student, by asking questions to the doctoral student's project and letting the doctoral student develop their answers . The discussion is based on the material in this exposition. (around 45 minutes).
Rebecca Hilton moderates an open discussion of the project  where the doctoral student discusses with the audience. The discussion is based on the material the audience has had access to and the doctoral student's presentation.
Ends at 16 the latest.


Go through the material in the work log in order to be able to participate in the seminar. If you only have time to look at two things, I recommend you look at "Tribunal for Lake Vättern" and "Voice of LCA". Hover over images to get more info. sometimes you can click to go to link.

Have a pen and paper available during the seminar.


This is a work log in order to get an overview of my work process for this seminar.
Little effort on graphic design and layout has been done in this exposition.
The texts are not finished, so far they are quick translations of notes.
This is not a full account for all actions and writings in this process, but a few examples.
The narrative thread in this project started in 2011, therefore I also included activities from before I started my phd studies, in order to make it more clear.

The references and methods listed here are a few of years old. They were my points of reference going into the project. My next step is to update it in relation to how my work has delveloped since then.