Repetitive signal.

This is necessary to begin a teleportation / transformation process.
Repetition is used in rituals, learning practices, art and literature, therapy and has -among others- meditative and hypnotic properties.
It could be a movement, a sound, a visual. We come across repetition daily. Here, I listened to the clock and then I called myself and put me on hold, while watching my brainwaves.


Could be any kind of container that feels safe. It has to be set by the user as a container of possibilities and magical properties.

Although it works with ready-mades, one's teleportation and transformation device could be self-built. Requires personal material, building and design by the user.

One or more devices from this collection could as well be used as many times as desired.  

(unnecessary) Guidance:

 In order to proceed to this step, one should become familiar with the two literary devices mentioned above; repetition and metaphor. After extensive research, taking into consideration suggestions and advice from a group of experts, a guide to the process has been made available.


(to be published soon)