Yes it is possible, you just need to find something to help you get the superpowers. Many people are looking constantly in several places to find a magic ring or a watch or a necklace. Most of these  people are usually children. I do not have one but it is common to find, absolutely possible, yes

The Manga I watch can transform into different things by eating certain fruits. Then they can also reverse the transformation and control it. The only thing that is not possible is for someone to come back to life after dying. You know, Magic does not exist anymore, it existed in the old times. Now you can just build your own ring or watch, not necessarily find it hidden somewhere.

(Juna, 8)

 The power Superman has, impresses me. And the strength of will that wants to do good and help and has fallen in love with Lois -what's her name. For me church is a like this phone booth

 The church is a space and a concept into which you enter while waiting, for change, miracle and healing. 


Yes, the strength, because I go to Reiki in addition to church and I had recently been to a therapist and she was telling me to work on my strength. My sister used to tell me that when I think about something, I shouldn't say it because it loses its power. And so now I have the words in my head and I don't tell my sister anything, I just asked her if she had any books on power. She pulled out some about the power of women and also the power of hypnosis. I don't know these well, especially about hypnosis, but I'll read the books because they sound interesting to me. And I won't tell my sister anything because she'll make fun of me and say, now at 55 you've now decided to get into the power?


I want to know something. I embroider, and I used to draw little fish on rocks. That's what I do for art. I regret not doing something after high school like everybody else. That's when I was depressed and couldn't. Now I say I can. I'd rather do the practical stuff than the intellectual stuff because I forget. I like to take care of myself.  I have achieved a transformation or many small ones. 

When I wasn't focusing on myself, I didn't even want church. I loved Mary because my mother was not a typical mother, she had manic depression. So in contrast I had the Blessed Mother and I loved her.

(Foteini, 55)

"I know that some people with psychotic syndrome cannot comprehend metaphors, but that was not the case with me. What I was doing while in psychosis was to correlate and to associate, for example putting off a cigarette would mean the end of the world, things like that. I was looking for signs everywhere. I was relating my own feelings to the butterflies in the city, I thought my senses were in line with the universe.


Superman is a complete super-hero. He is such an integrated  character that he could do much more than he did. He is charismatic, coming from another planet, another world, he was lost in his  powers, could not control them as a minor, I really like his story.



















I am an addict, when I went to rehab I had the first psychotic episodes. I thought the rehab was the house of god, that god was talking to me. I was creating endless scenarios, I was taking in all the news or everything  I would hear or see on tv and thinking that I was something like a messiah, my first mission was to educate the psychiatrists , I thought I was the chosen one to show them the enlightened way. I remember everything. I was a hero. I had created my own hero. Everything I would listen on the news, was about for my own being. I thought that everything on the tV was about me and I would translate everything in relation to myself, like allegories. I miss it sometimes but there was no control. To believe in yourself is something important. For me a prayer is my device to become a superhero. Usually I repeat very short prayers in the morning, in the evening or when I feel scared. "


(Panayotis, 42)



I do not believe in Star Trek. I used to, but not anymore. I think that you can teleport but not like that, inside the spaceship. You can do it with a device that you produce yourself. I don’t know, maybe it's like a watch, I put it on my wrist and then it is possible. But the materials and the design have to be mine. The idea and the art are mine, part of my self.

Alice is a fairy tale. Wonders are wonders only for the humans. The creatures that live in the wonderland do not see them as wonders. It’s daily life for them, it’s natural.

Possibly this kind of stories would be helpful for children’s education and development. We were watching those stuff a lot as kids. Spock was made of lave. I believe that the whole world is made of lave. Our bones are made of lava and our flesh is water, wind, light and the energy that keeps us moving and our heart beating. Only light is a mystery.


Our planet is like a spaceship. We live inside the galaxy. We can move in our own ways consciously in space. I am part of this universe, I have senses and abilities and this is necessary. 

We live in-between decay and eternity. We all have both versions. The visible and the invisible, the decadent and the eternal. Only nature is eternal and the galaxy. In star trek everyone was getting older. But inside the wonderland everything was indestructible, eternal.  And now, from this very moment I am telling you this, it exists.


(Giorgos, 51)


I like Superman. Aren't we all?

You know, sometimes, people go nuts about something and they really transform. I saw a video of a mother who stopped a car with her body in order to protect her child. I believe that we all have superpowers.


I fall in love three times a day. But really falling in love, having butterfiles and everything, it could be for a person or an object or a project. An idea. I'm feeling all this excitement, you know? I usually don’t talk about it, because people don’t take me seriously, there is no space for this, there is no space. 


It happens that I have a dream about something, to work on something or to travel somewhere. Then I do it. Dream is very strong motivation, not everyone gets it, people think I m crazy. 


I remember in a fascia training class, during relaxation i went out of my body and could see myself from above. Then I realized that this is something that happens to me quite often.


(Reut, 29)


There are certain groups of people that are in societal terms "excused" or "allowed" to openly discuss possibilities of teleportation and transformation in daily life, They are either crazy, or children or in love.

To get to know more about their non-ordinary perceprions of reality, i met individuals from all three groups for a discussion related to the topic. I showed them three images of iconic teleportation / transformation narratives and asked them whether they think such processes are possible, if they recall similar experiences of their own and/or if they use devices that help them Then I asked them to draw either their experience or their device.