Between sense and absurdity, I choose both 

I am driving circles around the calendar and I pick a date. Could be a random one, or a date that signifies something to me. Could be today, years ago or ages later. It doesn’t matter if the calendar is Gregorian or Julian or any other, if the date I pick is an Earth date or a Star date. I around the world, I pick a place. Could be anywhere in any universe. And I pick a form, of a plant, an animal, a human or non-human, a being or non-being, imaginary or not. Having taken my time, my space and my form, I just make myself comfortable and close my eyes. I do not need to do or feel or think anything. I take one breath in, from the nose to the base of my pelvis. And out. One more breath in like people do when meditating, from my nose all the way down to the base of my pelvis. And out. I do it once again. In and out.


I am standing in front of a closed door. Waiting. The door doesn’t lead to a static room, but to a lift. I can hear the elevator bell ringing once, as soon as it arrives. The door opens. I step inside. It is full of mirrors, and I can see myself reflected several times all around this narrow moving box. I randomly choose a button and press it.  I am looking in the mirror, all the endless versions of me, stare into my eyes, then I look at my nose and lips and brow and cheeks. I observe my ears, my hair, my neck, my shoulders, my arms, my hands and fingers and my fingernails, then I go up to my chest, my belly, my hips and my legs. My feet. In the mirror, I can also see things that are not there anymore, all the things that are missing. Ghosts and phantoms. All the things I miss. (Ramachandran box).

The elevator is going down. It leads below, deep inside myself, inside my body, the body I have been staring at some moments or an eternity ago. 

I can feel the downward movement of the elevator as it goes from floor to floor

1 floor below

2 floors below









The elevator bell rings once and the door opens. I observe my feet moving forward, exiting the elevator. A few meters further there is a shower cabin. I can see the inviting warm light inside the cabin. I am all alone, lost in the right place. Next to me there is a chair. I take my clothes off, the temperature is just perfect. I leave my clothes on the chair and I enter the cabin. A sweet familiar scent makes me smile. The water is running warm and crystal clear. I step under the shower. I have with me a number of dark thoughts and worries and stress and things that made me angry and sad and disappointed. Now, as I step under the crystal clear running water of the shower, I can see all these dark throughts and worries being washed out. The water is running now muddy from my body to the drain hole, washing out all the darkness. I stay there for as long as I need, enjoying the running water as it slowly comes out less and less dirty. Until it takes away from my body all the dust and mud and dirt, and leaves me refreshed and clean and satisfied. 

I exit the shower cabin. on the chair there are new clean clothes for me to wear, the most comfortable clothes I have ever tried. I take them in my hands, they smell like memories. 

A few steps further there is a phone booth. I walk towards the phone booth. I open the door and step inside. Now I can put my fresh clothes on. 

Does this remind me of anything? Have I been here before? What exactly is happening?

Inside the phone booth I am becoming some other version of me -or more. Maybe I am turning into some kind of super hero -or more. I have my own superpowers that are unique. I can use my superpowers for the best, as soon as I exit the booth. A greek word for “booth” is “thalamos” from latin “thalamus” which means the inner chamber. 


It is the same word for the thalamus of our brain. The thalamus is a paired structure of gray matter located near the center of the brain, with nerve fibers projecting out to the cerebral cortex in all directions. The thalamus connects to the whole body, through the spinothalamic tract, a sensory pathway originating in the spinal cord. It is the relay station for nearly all sensory signals


But now, inside the phone booth, I could call anyone. Someone in the outer space, someone in the inner space. Let’s say that I call myself. Let's say that I could call myself and keep me waiting. Let's say that I put myself on hold to the time and the space and the form I have picked when I started. Just like I picked a date, I pick up the receiver. And I dial 


I am now fully awake, fully aware. Between sense and absurdity, I choose both.