enter, door , stressors, teleport, transporter,  fall, alzheimer’s , reassembled  mad hatter, suffering , chewing gum , molecular structure , beaming, white room


This is the phone booth and Clark Kent comes out of it transformed into Superman. 

This is Alice in Wonderland. Is that a mirror? She is falling through the hole.

And this is Star Trek, the modern way of beaming oneself.

I think the first two cases are different than the third one because of the technology. I believe that this kind of tech will be achieved sometime in the future. I have the feeling that every single person in the world has this desire to be able to get teleported. To be able to reach instantly a beloved person who needs them. This is the most important thing. Everything else is about entertainment and fun.

The question is, if I enter the Transporter, and get from one place to another, am I still the same person? What happens with Alice is that she is not the same anymore. As a medical doctor, I would try to look at it from a scientific perspective. So, if I would enter a black hole let’s say, I would have such an extreme experience, that my body would be immensely suffering. The rabbit hole is the same, I think that Alice’s body is being subject to certain forces as well, actually to too many stressors. So probably, I would come out of the hole as a completely different person, just having the same looks. Same for the Transporter. If my molecular structure is disassembled and reassembled in another place, I doubt that I would still carry any knowledge or memory of the old me. I would not know where I came from and what I came here for. That’s how I imagine it. Similar to suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s. 

Or another possibility is like that episode of Star Trek::the Original Series, the one with the Imposter. Captain Kirk is divided into his normal and his evil self because of a device malfunction and the crew cannot put them back together into one entity. Are they both the real Kirk? Does any of them have memory of who they were before?


What I remember from the story of Alice, is that she is having tea with the Mad Hatter under a clear night sky. This is a very relaxing moment. But as I said before, I think that her body is under extreme pressure. The fall of Alice is an extraordinarily stressful situation for her body. 

But of course, I am speculating I do not know the accuracy of what I say now nor have I any scientific information. Like the opening titles in Dr Who, I remember that there was something like a snake traveling through a hole, through darkness to the light. Can you imagine that Alice falls endlessly and is trapped in that fall? It is horrifying.

I think that I have never been transformed. I can recall something from my younger years, something that could be called a teleportation. For a long time, I had a repetitive dream, that I was entering a white room. There was a door on the front right. In order to escape, I had to go to the door, but next to the door there was something like glue or chewing gum that was alive and was attacking me, while I was trying to reach the door. I had that dream several times, it was always stressful and I never managed to go not even close to the door. I am asking myself how did I enter that room. If I entered through sleep, then ok, that reminds me of Alice. Another possibility is that I entered through the door and I cannot recall it. 

Nevertheless, to be honest, if I would have to choose a way to teleport or to transform, I would choose Alice’s way. She is changing and her surrounding is changing as well. I believe that every one of us would prefer to exist in a less hostile environment. Our world is extremely unfriendly. What makes the life condition bearable is our relationship to others. 

What is fascinating about Alice is the unknown, she enters something new she knows nothing about, she doesn’t have a clue of how or where all this will end up. On the contrary, Superman has already a vision, he wants to help, to save the world, to save Lois, he has a calling. In Star Trek they have a mission as well. They have a destination point and they programme the machine to take them there. Alice doesn’t have any of this. There is no aim, no expectation and no intention. This is the magical element for me. 


Device: dream

Transition: pull

Interface: white room