book , booth , laser beams , suit , zorro , saturn , phone booth , gru , device , suck , moon , avengers , happening , communicate , eyes , impossible , explore , instantly , avengers 


Superman becomes a normal person inside the phone booth. Or maybe I am wrong, it is just the opposite. When he is Superman, he can fly and through his eyes throws laser beams. I have never, absolutely never in my life thought of getting transformed, these things do not exist, they are impossible. 

But if I really have to think of something this very moment, I would like to travel to the moon, but not instantly, this is not possible. But ok, to be honest, I would love to have this opportunity and maybe go to Saturn as well and explore the planet so I can communicate my findings to the people of the Earth.  I will wear one of those white puffy space suits. 

My device would be a book on the bookshelf. When pulling out the book, a gate opens from the ceiling and a booth comes and sucks me in it and takes me to Saturn. It doesn’t matter what the book is about and it doesn’t matter either if the shelves are too high. 

I know this from Zorro, but it could be a round booth like the one Gru (from Minions) has. Or it could be like holding the infinity stone of Thanos from the Avengers. I wouldn’t like to have the device always with me, like a watch or a pen, no. 

When I pull the book, the booth comes down to suck me through a pipe, it automatically puts me inside my suit and I can feel the air pressure. But it is all happening because of the technology, it’s not magic.


Device: book, lever

Transition: vacuum

Interface: bookshelf