love, capable, body, feelings , moments , dangerous situations , deep relaxation , fascia, transform, riding , feel,, car , hater , kill, human , explosion 


Device: fascial manuevers, drive

Transition: explosion, wind, fire

Interface: love


I'm falling in love five times a day, minimum. But really falling in love having butterflies and everything.   it's like some kind of need to have that. I really feel it. But I cannot share it so easily with everyone, to talk about it. Maybe we should loosen up much more. Because these feelings are not bad feelings. I'm not a hater and I don't want to kill five times a day, I feel in love five times. It's not a lot no, it's not. But sometimes it's intense and people think you are maybe a bit… somewhere else. They say okay, she's crazy, Where I think it comes to a problem is that there is no place for such a feeling. You cannot be in love five times a day. There is no space for that. Most people will not accept it. You are too much.  It's for them not possible, then you are kind of problematic because you do not feel in love for just one person truly. But for me it’s not only about people, it may be for an idea, for a project, a travel or with something else, things that are emerging from my heart. It has less to do with humans and sexuality than with a drive 

Superman. Alice is ok, the other one I don’t know. I like the Superman card because I think we all are. Actually, everybody are capable of things that we don't know we are capable of. He was going there, he was doing the impossible, right? We also do imposible stuff but we are not glorifying it, like to save the world or to become superheoroes.  Sometimes people go nuts about something and they really transform. When It comes to something they want, they get this strength. It is so powerful to see a person going massively for something that seems not human. But it is. Somehow everybody, we are capable of that for sure. It's only in our human abilities. Really. I know this story for a long time; a mother sees her baby almost driven over a car and she came across the car and could stop it with their body to save their child. 

So it's insane what we can actually do it when all part of our brain, feelings and body want to do. And of course, danger is a crazy thing but it shows what it's possible to go there. when we want to And I really believe that we are using too less of our potential. For sure we are capable of more. I think it's a matter of really believing and trying. Sometimes I put myself in risky or dangerous situations to explore this range of my ability. 

 I think about this often when riding my bike, riding between the cars or crossing the street without looking, what I'm capable of, whether I will crash or I will be the one that will be able to take control over a situation.  Or to do something that I never did before. And yes, it's a bit massive. I'm aware that it, it doesn't always do good to me, but I can't always handle it. And these are moments of transformation for me

 I have those moments or those days, but I just let go. It’s like getting out of my body. I didn't know I can do it until I was in a workshop, it was about movement and especially moving the fascia and the connective tissue layers of the body. We ended with a meditation-like sequence and during that time, I didn’t realize it, but afterwards we were sharing so I had to put what I experienced in words. And I realized that I did it there, but I do it very often. I go out of the body and watch myself from above. And I was not describing how it felt from within, but really from the outside, from above.

So, it happens in times of great excitement or deep relaxation. Sometimes it might be similar to a bad trip on drugs. But as long as your body has been here, I think you can always come back But I also think it’s important to try to see what happens when you have the fear. 

It's important to fear it and then to see that you came back eventually. And even if it seems like an endless time of not being happy about where you are, this is temporary. You are capable to hold things together and also you are capable of not coming back for a while. Even if you think you are not able to function, you were functioning. 

It’s remarkable how we find our ways to escape from or to ourselves, maybe to another room in our self. When I say I'm going out of my body, I’ m still connected, but somewhere else that I only know how to get. It's somewhat a relief. It's a place where you are not, but again it’s about you. That moment of change is like an explosion or a fire or a strong wind within.